Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Democratic Primaries: The Abridged Version

It's pretty hard to avoid politics these days. Even if you stay away from CNN, the Internet, and news magazines at any cost, chances are you have somehow been inundated with stories from the primary campaign over the past year and a half. A recent article in Newsweek discussed that the campaigns have put energy into targeting "low-information voters," i.e. those people whose world view is shaped by The Tyra Banks Show (pun intended). Their votes count, too.

However, with the recent discovery of a "lost tribe" in the Amazon, it has been proven that there are indeed people out there who have never heard of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (or John McCain). Fortunately for them, the good people at Slate put together "The Democratic Race in Eight Minutes." Priceless.

So, Amazon people - this one's for you. Or for anyone else who wants to take a fun little trip down memory lane. Where did the time go?

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