Sunday, October 19, 2008

When the General Speaks... should listen. Today, Sen. Barack Obama received perhaps his most important endorsement to date during his campaign for the presidency. On "Meet the Press," Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Tom Browkaw that he was going to vote for Obama on November 4:

"So, when I look at all of this and I think back to my Army career, we've got two individuals, either one of them could be a good president. But which is the president that we need now? Which is the individual that serves the needs of the nation for the next period of time? And I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities--and we have to take that into account--as well as his substance--he has both style and substance--he has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president. I think he is a transformational figure. He is a new generation coming into the world--onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Senator Barack Obama."

Powell said he didn't plan on campaigning for Obama with two weeks to go, but this very public endorsement of the senator is better than twenty stump speeches. Undecideds and independents, take note - Powell has been through the trenches and back when it comes to foreign policy. Sure, he's made mistakes (remember this?), but in terms of an awareness and understanding of how to promote and improve America's role in the world, Powell knows what he's talking about. So while many people tomorrow morning at work might be talking about this video clip from another NBC show, this is the one that really has significance (though it is arguably not as funny):

Click here for the entire transcript and more video from Powell's appearance on Meet the Press.

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