Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. Mendelsohn Goes to Washington

Tomorrow night begins the final round of Top Chef on Bravo (10 pm). While I'm disappointed that Spike Mendelsohn missed out on the finals, I'm happy to hear that he will be opening his new burger joint on Capitol Hill sometime in the next few weeks. Called Good Stuff Eatery, Spike told New York Magazine last week:

I’m about to launch Good Stuff Eatery in about three weeks. I found the location in D.C. and thought it was amazing. It’s right on the Hill, at Pennsylvania and C. I wanted to do something really simple to capitalize off the publicity of the show. I’m really young, 27, and I didn’t want to open my fine-dining restaurant yet. All the critics would have been really on top of me, and I would have driven myself crazy. I’m giving it the branding of Starbucks; it’s a very well-branded store.

Hopefully his new restaurant will bring some funk, flavor, and edge to Capitol Hill. And who knows? Maybe he'll even influence some of the fashion trends around this city. Can't you just picture Senator Akaka in one of those hats?

Check out the Good Stuff Eatery website here, though there isn't much up yet. The menu should be out in a few weeks.

Get hungry.

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